Oxygen Factory.
More than air purifier.
Oxygen Factory is algae based air-treatment device that produce oxygen, reduce carbon dioxide and protects the indoor air from contamination.

Air quality facts

Oxygen Factory. Disruptive as it is.
Oxygen Factory is a disruptive biotechnologyon the service to improve life quality. It creates fresh air indoors and brings healthier life.


We are developing air-purifying technology (APT) taking advantage of exceptionally high environmental resilience of microalgae to harsh and inhospitable conditions such as polluted air.

Microalgae can thrive on very high concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere using their strain-specific metabolic adaptation mechanisms.

Considering the above, our technology is based on proprietary CO2–dense environment for microbial growth called photobioreactor. It has been designed to fully exploit natural ability of microalgae to scrub CO2 and other air contaminants.

Our proprietary system is featured by inputs and outputs. The inputs are nutrients, light and CO2 as key growth factors for microalgae. The outputs are oxygen-rich air and nutrient-rich fertilizer made of microalgae biomass.

Our air-purification process works at ondemand operation mode owed to the real-time monitoring of CO2 concentration levels in the air. This means precise adjustment of intensity of air cleaning process to actual needs.

Air pollutants, besides CO2, contain also sulphur and nitrogen oxides from industrial flue gases and automobile exhausts. When nitrogen oxide or sulfur oxide is mixed with tiny water drops in the air, they become acid, eventually becoming acid rains.

Nitrogen oxide can also react with oxygen under the sun to generate ozone pollution, which affects human and animals’ health.

Therefore, given the current metabolic engineering technology we aim further so as to combine currently separated processes for reducing carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, VOCs and PMs respectively into one system.

Apart from rendering harmful air contaminants harmless, at the user level, our appliance will also offer an extra benefit that is nutrient-dense biomass to be used as a fertilizer for boosting growth of household plants.

Oxygen Factory. Breath deep.
Oxygen Factory protects your home from contamination and gives you oxygen like several trees do.


Please, contact us through the e-mail: info@oxyfa.net